Abortion : The Yearly Pandemic

The Great Flu Pandemic – 1989 (National Museum of Health and Medicine)

The World Health Organization estimates between 40-50 Million Aborted Children Each Year.

Survival Percentage: 0%

At the time of this writing, since December 2019 (1.5 Years ago) when the first outbreak was record in Wuhan China, there have been 3.49 Million People that have died from COVID-19 of 168 Million Infected (Our World Data).

Survival Percentage: 98%

Author: Bad Catholic Dad

I'm a Husband and a Father of 3 quickly growing little ones and Step-Father to 3 already grown "little" ones. My goal is to share and to testify about my journey as a Catholic Husband and Father in this World where false idols have been made the centre of peoples lives. I dislike terms like liberal and/or traditional when it comes to identifying Catholics as I believe it attempts to force a Faith so beautiful, rich and powerful into a tiny box. I have worked with Technology in various roles and responsibilities for the past 25 years and have now only started to use my God given gifts to share my experiences in the "Hospital for Sinners".

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