Happy Mother’s Day

Immaculate Heart of Mary – 19th Century / Unknown Artist

Today is Mother’s Day in the United States and Canada. It is celebrated throughout the world around the same time, though not necessarily on the same date. We Honour All Mothers for their Sacrifice and their positive influences in all aspects of our World.

God’s Plan for Humanity is for all of Us to have a Mother AND Father. Unfortunately Our fallen nature has caused tremendous damage and corrupted what it means to be a Mother. Many children are left without mothers and many women have rejected the responsibility of Motherhood, either through Abortion or other selfish reasons.

In many countries, the title of “Mother” (and Father) has been replaced by generic, lesser titles like “Caregiver”, “Guardian”, “Parent1” or “Parent2”. This has added to the confusion and continues to lead to the destruction of Families.

“Seeing his mother and the disciple whom he loved standing near her, Jesus said to his mother, ‘Woman, this is your son.'”

John 19:26 – New Jerusalem Bible

As Catholics we have Our Blessed Mother in Heaven. We Believe that Jesus gives His Mother to Us through John. We know this is what the passage in the bible means as this is an ancient teaching that has been passed down in the Church through tradition. Jesus knew that We would need to have a mother when our own mothers fail Us. He knew that Women also need an example of motherhood to emulate and to strive for.

Many people have been brought to the Catholic Faith thanks to Our Blessed Mother.

St Joseph Terror of Demons, Thank You for Protecting Your Spouse, the Mother of God and Our Mother as well throughout Her time here on Earth. We Pray that through your intercession, Jesus helps to Protect, Bless and Guide all Mothers in their Vocation.

Author: Bad Catholic Dad

I'm a Husband and a Father of 3 quickly growing little ones and Step-Father to 3 already grown "little" ones. My goal is to share and to testify about my journey as a Catholic Husband and Father in this World where false idols have been made the centre of peoples lives. I dislike terms like liberal and/or traditional when it comes to identifying Catholics as I believe it attempts to force a Faith so beautiful, rich and powerful into a tiny box. I have worked with Technology in various roles and responsibilities for the past 25 years and have now only started to use my God given gifts to share my experiences in the "Hospital for Sinners".

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