Pray in the solitude

Recently a friend of mine has been very depressed over a confusing breakup he had with his girlfriend. Even though the rest of my friends and I are here for him and comforting him, he still feels lonely and abandoned. We often feel lonely and abandoned about God. We can pray and pray and pray but it seems like God does not respond or does not have time for us, but that is not true. Many times in my life I have felt alone both physically and spiritually, but often I try and find the peace in solitude in order to get over my emotions. God is constantly around us and cares for us, even though sometimes it feels like He is gone. When we feel abandoned it is not a punishment by God, but rather an invitation to becoming a stronger person. We must learn to have peace and joy within our solitude, because “If you feel lonely when you are alone, then you are in bad company.” God invites us to prayer, meditation, and contemplation in our loneliness, but we must stop whatever we are doing and accept God’s help. So do not fear seclusion, but rather embrace it when it comes.

Author: Nathan S

I'm a college student who tries his best to resist the temptations of the world and to practice and preserve the holy traditions of the Church. I hope that through this website we can minister, and teach viewers about how to live an authentic Catholic life through the blog posts that we write. May St. Joseph be our protector and model to live by as we go out to proclaim the Kingdom of God here on Earth.

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