Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexico’s Independence Day

Our Lady of Guadalupe – Mother of God and Most Chaste Spouse of St Joseph Terror of Demons

September 16 is actually Mexico’s Independence Day from Spain back in 1810. There are many resources which explain what Cinco de Mayo actually is, it’s History and how it has become a reason to Party. Mexico has a Long, Beautiful, Vibrant History and Culture and May 5th is hardly representative of it.

(c)Party City – Cinco De Mayo Ideas

Today is also reason for mostly Non-Mexicans as pictured above to Drink, Party and dress up as “Mexicans”. Call it cultural appropriation, just having Fun or any other reason, whatever you want to view it as, this is unfortunately just another example of how ignorant Human beings can be.

Author: Bad Catholic Dad

I'm a Husband and a Father of 3 quickly growing little ones and Step-Father to 3 already grown "little" ones. My goal is to share and to testify about my journey as a Catholic Husband and Father in this World where false idols have been made the centre of peoples lives. I dislike terms like liberal and/or traditional when it comes to identifying Catholics as I believe it attempts to force a Faith so beautiful, rich and powerful into a tiny box. I have worked with Technology in various roles and responsibilities for the past 25 years and have now only started to use my God given gifts to share my experiences in the "Hospital for Sinners".

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